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Message to the students...

In the recent past, information technology has revolution the way many business work has drastically changed the landscape of customer service and overall efficiency. It is also one of the most dynamic industry with rapid changes to maintain a competitive edge, information technology industry most continue to make creative, scientific and technological advances as well as produce high quality products. There is growing demand for intelligent and dynamic work force with professional training.

Openmind Computech Service Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading IT company with a vision to provide innovative, cost effective and customize solution to challenge business requirements. Openmind has introduced specifics educational and job oriented course to grow up IT industry.

The IT courses of Openmind have enormous repercussions on various sectors like business, education, entertainment, government, health care, transportation and many more. They are going giving birth to new vistas of opportunities like off-shorting, BPO, KPO etc. Thus, Information Technology has become an integral part of infrastructure.

In this context, Openmind has conceived, designed and developed many unique programmes keeping in view the need of school & collage student.

We welcome all the students, who are interested in Pursuing success career in IT and Computer Applications to join the Openmind's programme.